38、 项目团队成员来自于多个部门,并将处理项目和运营活动,任务和资源均已确定。若要确保资源,项目经理应做什么?
Project team members come from multiple departments and will handle project and operational activities, tasks and resources have been determined. What should the project manager do to ensure resources?

  •  A :要求职能经理为项目提供可用资源 Ask the functional manager to provide available resources for the project
  •  B : 与职能经理协商项目的资源和角色 Negotiate project resources and roles with functional managers
  •  C :联系资源,沟通任务,并与职能经理确认 Contact resources, communicate tasks, and confirm with functional manager
  •  D :将资源需求发送给发起人以与职能经理协商 Send resource requirements to the sponsor to negotiate with the functional manager

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P332 章节: 谈判: 职能经理。 确保项目在要求的时限内获得最佳资源, 直到完成职责。 执行组织中的其他项目管理团队。合理分配稀缺 或特殊资源。 外部组织和供应商。提供合适的、稀缺的、特殊的、合格的、经认证的或其他 特殊的团队或实物资源。 特别需要注意与外部谈判有关的政策、惯例、流程、 指南、法律及其他标准。 获取资源,优先谈判

39、 你被指派领导一个敏捷项目来开发一个新的软件应用程序。但需求模糊,以至于你甚至不知道从哪里开始项目计划。你意识到管理项目上的变更将是最大的挑战。在这种环境中处理变更的最佳策略是什么?
You are assigned to lead an agile project to develop a new software application. The requirements are so vague that you don't even know where to start the project planning. You realize that managing changes on the project will be the biggest challenge. What is your best strategy to handle changes in this environment?

  •  A :建立严格的变更控制过程 Establish a rigorous change control process
  •  B :在需求到达时实施所有变更和任何变更 Implement all and any changes as they arrive
  •  C : 允许变更,即使在开发后期 Allow for changes, even late in development
  •  D :让团队决定要实施哪些变更 Let the team decide on what changes to implement

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P9 章节:2.2 敏捷拥抱变更

40、 对于一个具有战略意义的重要客户资源,项目经理在确认矩阵组织中资源可用性时,发现某个关键资源已调往一个内部项目,项目经理首先应该采取何种行动?
For a strategically important customer resource, when the project manager identifies a resource availability in a matrix organization, it discovers that a key resource has been redeployed to an internal project, and what action should the project manager take first?

  •  A :与项目赞助人协商推迟项目 Negotiate and postpone projects with project sponsors
  •  B :要求项目管理办公室将资源重新调回项目 Request the project management Office to reassign resources to the project
  •  C :更新风险登记簿 Update the Risk register
  •  D : 与职能经理协商将资源重新调回项目 Negotiate resources back to project with functional manager

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P332 章节: 谈判: 职能经理。 确保项目在要求的时限内获得最佳资源,直到完成职责。 执行组织中的其他项目 管理团队。合理分配稀缺或特殊资源。 外部组织和供应商。提供合适的、稀缺的、特殊的、合格的、经认证的或其他 特殊的团队或实物资源。 特别需要注意与外部谈判 有关的政策、惯例、流程、指南、法律及其他标准。 获取资源,优先谈判

43、 敏捷项目团队与产品负责人、项目经理和其他关键项目相关方会面,讨论项目必须经过的多层计划。参与者承认在发布和迭代级别上需要计划。项目经理指出,每天都需要规划。项目经理指的是以下哪项?
An agile project team meets with the product owner, project manager, and other key project stakeholders to discuss the multiple levels of planning that the project will have to go through. The participants acknowledge that planning will be required at the release and iteration level. The project manager indicates that planning will also be required on a day-to-day basis. Which of the following does the project manager refer to?

  •  A :在项目中尽早实施体系结构刺探以降低技术风险 Carrying out an architectural spike to reduce technical risks as early as possible in the project
  •  B : 同步和协调导致完成任务的个别活动 Synchronizing and coordinating the individual activities that lead up to the completion of a task
  •  C :获取项目团队成员,并根据资源管理计划分配任务 Acquiring project team members and assigning the tasks per the resource management plan
  •  D :与组织中从事同一项目的其他团队协调团队活动 Coordinating team activities with other teams working on the same project in the organization

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P53 章节:5.2.4 每日站会:• 上次站会以来我都完成 了什么? • 从现在到下一次站会, 我计划完成什么? • 我的障碍(或风险或 问题)是什么? 每日站会不解决问题。

44、 一家公司开始了它的第一个混合型项目。项目进度计划是根据基准来衡量的,并且产品是使用Scrum开发的。公司已经为团队进行了敏捷培训。项目的完成日期到了,团队提交他们到目前为止能够完成的内容。客户检查产品并指出一个重要的功能没有交付。造成这种情况最可能的原因是什么?
A company undertakes its first hybrid project. The project schedule is measured against the baseline, and the product is developed using Scrum. Agile training is provided to the team. The project completion date is due, and the team submits what they were able to complete so far. The customer inspects the product and indicates that an important feature was not delivered. What was the most likely reason that caused this situation?

  •  A :项目团队拒绝在晚上和周末工作以完成整个产品待办事项列表 The project team refused to work evenings and weekends to complete the entire product backlog.
  •  B : 产品负责人未包括在敏捷培训中,甚至没有分配到项目中 A product owner was not included in agile training or was not even assigned to the project.
  •  C :项目团队没有与客户协商如何确定产品待办事项列表的优先级 The project team did not consult with the customer on how to prioritize the product backlog.
  •  D :进度基准太短,无法开发产品待办事项列表中的所有项目 The schedule baseline was too short for all the items in the product backlog to be developed.

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:41 章节:4.3.2 产品负责人 Product Owner :创建待办列表并排序、 确认工作优先顺序、 提供反馈 、指导开发方向 PO对接客户, 以确定是否变更以及何时变更。

46、 项目经理正在制定进度管理计划。由于客户表示需要尽早频繁地交付商业价值,因此项目经理选择将迭代计划与待办事项列表合并。该项目的进度管理计划中需要解决以下哪项?(选择三项)
The project manager is in the process of developing the schedule management plan. Since the customer has expressed the need for early and frequent delivery of business value the project manager elects to incorporate iterative scheduling with a backlog. Which of the following will need to be addressed in the schedule management plan for this project?(Choose three)

  •  A :在资源可用时使用看板面板来从待办事项列表拉动工作 Using a Kanban board to pull work from the backlog when resources become available
  •  B : 使用基于适应型生命周期的滚动式规划 Accounting for rolling wave planning based on an adaptive life cycle
  •  C : 以用户故事的形式记录需求 Documenting the requirements in the form of user stories
  •  D :在初始项目计划期间将工作包分解为活动清单 Decomposing work packages into an activity list during initial project planning
  •  E : 在项目待办事项中确定并优化用户故事的优先级 Prioritizing and refining the user stories in the project backlog

正确答案:B,C,E 你的答案:C,E

解析:知识点出处:PMBOK 6th 页码:P177 章节:6 项目进度管理的发展趋势和新兴实践:具有未完项的迭代型进度计划。这是一种基于适应型生命周期的滚动式规划(B),例如敏捷的产品开发方法。这种方法将需求记录在用户故事中(C),然后在建造之前按先级排序(E)并优化用户故事,最后在规定的时间盒内开发产品功能。 具有未完成项的迭代型进度计划,而非按需进度计划,因此不选A。

47、 项目经理在制定项目进度计划时,希望按照符合逻辑的方式排列任务顺序,并使用至少有高级的承包商。项目经理应该查阅哪份文件?
The project manager wants to arrange the task order in a logical way and use at least a noble contractor while developing the project schedule. Which document should the project manager check?

  •  A :里程碑清单 List of milestones
  •  B :项目范围说明书 Project scope statement
  •  C :活动清单 Activity list
  •  D : 活动属性 Activity attributes

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P186 章节: 活动属性:活动属性可能包括活动描述、紧前活动、紧后活动、逻辑关系、提前量和滞后量(见 节)、 资源需求、 强制日期、制约因素和假设条件 活动属性的概念

49、 项目发起人通知项目经理一项新的政府法律被批准了,该法律将影响项目的进度计划和预算,这种可能性作为一种主动接受的威胁包含在风险管理计划中。 项目经理下一步应该做什么?
The project sponsor informs the project manager that a new government law has been approved that will affect the project's schedule and budget, and this possibility is included in the risk management plan as a proactively accepted threat.What should the project manager do next?

  •  A :更新风险管理计划,并记录经验教训 Update the risk management plan and record lessons learned
  •  B :向变更控制委员会(CCB)提交一份变更请求 Submit a change request to the Change Control Board (CCB)
  •  C : 使用应急储备来管理这种情况 Use emergency reserves to manage this situation
  •  D :评估管理储备来控制该风险 Assess management reserves to control the risk

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P443 章 节: 接受风险:接受是指承认威胁的存在,但不主动采取措施。 接受策略又分为主动或被动方式。最常见的主动接受策略是建立应急储备。被动接受策略则不会主动。 最常见的主动接受策略是建立应急储备。

52、 你被分配到一个软件开发项目。产品需求在一开始就没有明确定义。因此,决定是使用敏捷框架来开发产品。项目的其他方面将使用传统的瀑布式项目管理方法进行管理。以下哪一项可能会花费较少的时间来开发和/或实现该项目?
You are assigned to a software development project. The product requirements are not clearly defined upfront. Therefore, it has been decided to develop the product using an agile framework. Other aspects of the project will be managed using the traditional waterfall project management approach. Which of the following might you spend less time developing and/or implementing for this project?

  •  A :项目章程 The project charter
  •  B :问题日志 The issue log
  •  C : 变更管理计划 The change management plan
  •  D :确认范围过程 The Validate Scope process

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P88 章节: 变更管理计划:描述在整个项目期间如何正式审批和采纳变更请求。 敏捷中没有变更管理计划。因此敏捷部门无须制定。

53、 一个项目来取代目前公司的文件存储系统已经获批。外部供应商提供硬件,内部团队开发软件。这个团队是自组织的,由一般的专家组成。团队建议迭代地与供应商合作,但供应商表示拒绝。因此,只有软件将被迭代开发。什么项目管理方法对该项目最有效?
A project has been chartered to replace the current company's file storage system. An external vendor provides the hardware, and an internal team develops the software. The team is self-organizing and comprised of generalized specialists. The team suggests working iteratively with the vendor, but the vendor refuses. Therefore, only software will be developed iteratively. What project management approach would work best for this project?

  •  A : 混合式 Hybrid
  •  B :瀑布式 Waterfall
  •  C :敏捷式 Agile
  •  D :预测式 Predictive

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P26 章节:3.1.6 混合生命周期的特征: 对于整个项目,没有必要使用单一的方法。为达到特定的目标,项目经常要结合不同的生命周期要素。预测、迭代、增量和/或敏捷方法的组合就是一种混合方法。 软件开发为敏捷,其他为瀑布。

56、 随着项目的进展,偏差分析表明与绩效测量基准相比,实际的项目绩效会恶化。因此,对成本、进度和范围的估算不再有效。团队确定大量的新功能、变更请求和缺陷修复是差异背后的主要原因。项目经理要确保在实际进展的基础上对项目的剩余工作进行进一步的估算,最好的行动方案是什么?
As the project progresses, the variance analysis shows that actual project performance compared to the performance measurement baseline deteriorates. As a result, estimates for cost, schedule, and scope are no longer valid. The team determines that a high volume of new features, change requests, and defect repairs are the main reason behind the variance. What is the project manager's best course of action to ensure that further estimates for the remainder of the work on the project are made based on real progress?

  •  A : 将产品开发方法转换为通过短迭代来适应和度量进度 Switch the product development approach to adaptive and measure progress via short iterations
  •  B :限制项目中允许的新功能、变更请求和缺陷修复的数量 Limit the number of new features, change requests, and defect repairs allowed on the project
  •  C :请使用自下而上估算成本和进度计划估算技术以及三点估算范围 Use a bottom-up estimating technique for cost and schedule, and three-point estimating for scope
  •  D :基于单个的基准而不是单一的综合基准来衡量进度 Measure progress based on the individual baselines instead of the single integrated baseline

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P18 章节:3.1 四种生命周期特征。 变更过多,说明需求是动态的,不建议使用瀑布型。

57、 一位项目经理正在为一家初创公司领导一个敏捷项目。虽然这是该组织的第一个此类项目,但可能会有更多类似的项目紧随其后。因此,项目经理希望确保在这个项目中获得的知识能够用于未来的项目。 下列哪一种做法将最好地支持知识转移,以造福未来的项目?(选择三个)
A project manager is leading an agile project for a startup company. Although this is the first such project for the organization, there will likely be many more similar projects to follow. Therefore, the project manager wants to ensure that the knowledge gained during this project is used for the benefit of future projects. Which of the following practices will best support the transfer of knowledge to benefit future projects? (Choose three)

  •  A : 记录在整个项目中学习到的经验教训中获得的知识。 Document knowledge gained in the lessons learned register throughout the project
  •  B : 确保经验教训登记册最后定稿并转移到经验教训存储库。 Ensure that the lessons learned register is finalized and transferred to the lessons learned repository
  •  C : 与项目团队和相关相关方定期召开回顾会议。 Conduct regular retrospective meetings with the project team and relevant stakeholders
  •  D :定期审查作为项目管理计划组成部分的知识管理计划。 Regularly review the knowledge management plan as an element of the project management plan
  •  E :确保在配置管理计划中将所学到的经验记录作为配置元素列出。 Ensure that the lessons learned register is listed as a configuration element in the configuration management plan

正确答案:A,B,C 你的答案:A,B,D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P104 章节: 经验教训登记册:在项目早期创建。在整个项目期间,它 可以作为很多过程的输入,也可以作为输出而不断更新。 在项目或阶段结束时,把相关信息归入经验教训知识库,成为组织过程资产的一部分。 D不存在知识管理计划。 E配置管理计划不存档项目知识。

60、 项目经理刚刚从组织辞职的另一位项目经理那里接管一个正在进行的项目。在审查项目管理计划时,项目经理意识到成本偏差和进度偏差主要是负面的。项目尚未解决,还未向供应商支付已完成的工作,并且减轻次生风险正迅速耗尽预算。本应该采取哪种三项措施来避免这种情况?(选择三项)
A project manager has just taken over an ongoing project from another project manager who resigned from the organization. During a review of the project management plan, the project manager realizes that the cost variance and schedule variance are primarily negative. Several issues reported on the project have not been resolved. Vendors have not been paid for work done, and mitigation of secondary risks is quickly depleting the budget. Which three actions should have been taken to avoid this situation? (Choose three)

  •  A : 在项目章程中实施明确的假设 Implemented explicit assumptions in the project charter
  •  B :在项目章程中增加应急预算 Added a contingency budget to the project charter
  •  C :确定项目交接程序 Identified project handoff procedures
  •  D : 确保项目治理控制措施得到批准和实施 Ensured the project governance controls were approved and implemented
  •  E : 在项目规划阶段确定高风险和对策 Identified high-level risks and responses in the project planning phase

正确答案:A,D,E 你的答案:A,B,E

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P395 章节:11 项目风险管理的目标在于提高正面风险的概率和(或)影响,降低负面风险的概率和(或)影响,从而提高项目成功的可能性。 进度和成本同时有问题都是风险没有管理好。B章程里没风险C交接不管用

63、 在项目开始时,一位相关方通知项目经理他们将缺席多次项目会议,项目经理首先应该做什么?
At the beginning of the project, a related party informs the project manager that they will be absent from multiple project meetings. What should the project manager do first?

  •  A :识别一位替代相关方在该相关方缺席时参加会议 Identify an alternate party to the meeting in the absence of that party.
  •  B : 通过映射他们的权力和影响力来分析相关方 Analyze interested parties by mapping their power and influence.
  •  C :监控该相关方,并在会议之前请求提供信息 Monitor the interested party and request information before the meeting
  •  D :坚持要求让该相关方参加所有会议以避免开创先例 Insist on having the relevant party participate in all meetings to avoid setting a precedent

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P512 章节: 权力影响方格: 基于相关方的职权级别(权力)、对项目成果的关心程度(利益)、对项目成果的影响能力(影响),或改变项目计划或执行的能力,每一种方格都可用于对相关方进行分类。 与权力/利益方格类似,权力影响也是分成四个区间。

68、 在项目执行期间,项目经理意识到对项目成功至关重要的几个关键相关方不包含在相关方参与计划中。项目经理应该如何让这些相关方参与并管理这些相关方?
During project execution,a project manager realizes that several key stakeholders critical to project success are not included in the stakeholder. engagement plan.What should the project manager do to engage and manage these stakeholders?

  •  A : 了解新识别相关方的影响力和职权级别,并准备一份状态报告以向他们提供更新信息 Gain an understanding of the newly identified stakeholders'level of influence and authority
  •  B :向新识别的相关方通知他们的项目职责 Inform the newly identified stakeholders of their project responsibilities
  •  C :与所有相关方开会,介绍新识别的相关方 Meet with all stakeholders to include the realizes the newly identify stakeholders
  •  D :将新识别的相关方添加至执行、负责、咨询和知情图,并向他们发送信息 Add the newly identified stakeholders to the responsible,accountable,consult, and inform(RACI)chart,and send them the information

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P512 章节: 相关方分析:相关方分析会产生相关方清单和关于相关方的各种信息,例如,在组织内的位置、在项目中的角色、与项目的利 害关系、期望、态度(对项目的支持程度),以及对项目信息的兴趣。 再分析相关方, 再引导相关方的参与。

79、 作为估算活动持续时间过程的一部分,项目经理促成了与产品负责人和Scrum团队的冲刺计划会议。项目经理将用户故事分解为较小的任务项,以小时为单位估算所需时间,并根据团队的能力确定冲刺待办事项列表。尽管计划周密,冲刺还是失败了。项目经理当初可采取什么样的不同做法?
As part of the Estimate Activity Durations process, the project manager facilitates a sprint planning meeting with the product owner and Scrum team. The project manager breaks down the user stories into low-level tasks, estimates the time required in hours, and determines the sprint backlog based on the team's capacity. Despite meticulous planning, the sprint fails. What might the project manager have done differently?

  •  A :在确定冲刺待办事项列表之前,要求团队为产品待办事项列表设优先级 Asked the team to prioritize the product backlog before determining the sprint backlog
  •  B :将确定的低级任务分配给项目进度计划中的特定人员 Assigned the identified low-level tasks to specific individuals in the project schedule
  •  C : 授权团队确定他们在冲刺期间可以完成多少用户故事 Empowered the team to determine how many user stories they can complete during the sprint
  •  D :在估算用户故事和任务的大小时,使用故事点而不是小时 Used story points instead of hours while estimating the size of the user stories and tasks

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P153 章节:术语表 自组织团队:它是一种跨职能团队,其中为实现团队目标团队成员根据需要轮换着发挥领导作用。 自组织团队的核 心就是做什么事情,团队成员说了算。

83、 一个敏捷项目已经进入了第七次冲刺阶段。在冲刺结束前两天,客户通知产品负责人,他们忘记在冲刺中包含某个功能。高级经理无意中听到谈话,并表示包含该功能意味着范围蔓延,并不应被允许。产品负责人的最佳行动方案是什么?
An agile project has entered its seventh sprint. Two days before the end of the sprint, the customer informs the product owner that they forgot to include one feature in the sprint. A senior manager overhears the conversation and states that including the feature represents scope creep and should not be allowed. What is the product owner's best course of action?

  •  A : 与客户合作,在产品待办事项列表中为该功能设优先级 Work with the customer to prioritize the feature in the product backlog
  •  B :请求客户提交变更请求 Request that the customer submit a change request
  •  C :指导团队在当前的冲刺中开发该功能 Instruct the team to develop the feature in the current sprint
  •  D :按照高级经理的指示拒绝该功能 Reject the feature as instructed by the senior manager

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:41 章节:4.3.2 产品负责人 Product Owner: 创建待办列表并排序 、确认工作优先顺序、 提供反馈、 指导开发方向 敏捷拥抱变更, PO与客户一起确认优先级。

86、 在冲刺计划会议上,Scrum主管重申,如果在冲刺结束时敏捷项目团队正在构建的产品增量没有达到冲刺开始时指定的标准,那么这项工作将不会包含在当前冲刺的速度中。Scrum主管指的是什么?
At the sprint planning meeting, the scrum master reiterates that if by the end of the sprint the product increment that the agile project team is building does not meet the criteria specified at the beginning of the sprint, this work will not be included in the velocity for the current sprint. What does the scrum master refer to?

  •  A :完工尚需估算 Estimate to complete
  •  B : 完成的定义 Definition of done
  •  C :项目退出标准 Project exit criteria
  •  D :质量测量指标 Quality metrics

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P151 章节:术语表 完成的定义DoD :它是团队需要满足的所有标准的核对单,只有可交付成果满足该核对单才能视为准备就绪可 供客户使用。 敏捷项目完成后,检查DOD,以验证是否满足标准

91、 项目经理正在制定项目进度计划,并希望赋予团队比过去项目更多的决策权。他创建了一个甘特图,显示WBS工作包级别的活动,这些活动被分配给团队而不是个人。然后,他将工作包记录在一个看板面板的待办事项列表中。项目经理如何通过理想化的属性和行为使用鼓舞人心的激励来授权团队?
A project manager is developing the project schedule and wants to empower the team with more decision making authority than past projects. He creates a Gantt chart that displays activities down to the work package level of the WBS, which are assigned to the team rather than individuals. He then records the work packages in the backlog of a Kanban board. How might the project manager use inspirational motivation to empower the team through idealized attributes and behaviors?

  •  A :采取自由放任的领导风格 Adopt a Laissez-faire leadership style
  •  B :融入仆人型领导者的要素 Incorporate the elements of a servant leader
  •  C :利用例外管理 Utilize management by exception
  •  D : 使用变革型领导风格 Use a transformational leadership style

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P73 章节:6.1.2 变革就绪情况: • 积极明确的管理层支持; • 变革管理实践,包括沟通和引导; • 逐个项目应用敏捷实践 • 向团队增量地引入敏捷实践;以及 • 通过采取适用的敏捷技术和实践示范引导。 从题干看出,这明显是从瀑布型向敏捷型的变革,需要变革型领导风格。

96、 你正在为一个为当地电力公司安装智能无线电表的多阶段项目开发基准。第一阶段将准备基础设施,第二阶段将安装仪表,第三阶段将上传软件。然而,由于反无线技术组织的反对,尚不清楚该项目是否会在整个规划区域全部完工。在项目过早关闭的情况下,为了增加交付价值的机会,你的最佳行动方案是什么?
You are developing baselines for a multi-phase project to install smart wireless meters for a local electric utility company. The first phase will prepare infrastructure, second will install the meters, and third will upload the software. However, due to the opposition of anti-wireless-technology groups, it's unclear if the project will be completed all across the planned region. What is your best course of action to increase the chances of delivering value in case the project closes prematurely?

  •  A :要求当地政府为项目团队成员提供必要的安全措施,以保护他们免受与反无线技术团体的潜在对抗 Request that the local government provide the necessary security measures for the project team members to protect them from the potential confrontation with the anti-wireless-technology groups
  •  B :获得发起人的批准,向那些同意额外工作以尽快完成工作的人提供奖金,即使这涉及到在夜晚和周末轮班工作 Get approval from the sponsor to offer bonuses to those who agree to work extra time to complete the work as fast as possible even if this involves working in shifts during nights and weekends
  •  C : 建议将项目从多阶段切换到一阶段方法,并完成基础设施准备、仪表安装和软件上传,迭代一次一个邻域 Suggest switching the project from a multi-phase to one-phase approach and complete infrastructure preparation, meters' installation, and software upload in short iterations one neighborhood at a time
  •  D :建议项目终止,因为在方案中描述的情况下,无法按时、按时完成项目、范围和预算,并为客户提供任何价值 Recommend project termination since under the circumstances described in the scenario there is no way to complete the project on time, scope and budget, and deliver any value to the customer

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P9 章节:2.2 敏捷十二原则第1条 :我们的最高目标是,通过尽早持续交付有价值的软件来满足客户的需求。 价值交付是敏捷原则的第一条

99、 在开发一个新产品时,耐久性测试是关键路径上的一项重要活动。然而,测试设施被一个优先级较高的项目占用,且占用时间比原计划长。项目经理接下来应该怎么做?
In the development of a new project the endurance testing is an important activity on the critical path. However, the last facility is occupied by a higher project. Which is taking longer than initially planned. What should the project manager do text?

  •  A :为延迟的项目开展根本原因分析 Perform a root cause analysis for the delayed project
  •  B : 审查风险登记册中的适当响应 Review the risk register for the appropriate response
  •  C :将延期情况通知项目相关方 Inform the project stakeholders about the delay
  •  D :将问题上报给高级管理层 Escalate the issue to senior management

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P455 章节: 风险登记册: • 已识别单个项目风险 • 风险责任人 • 商定的风险应对策略 • 以及具体的应对措施。 遇风险,先查册

103、 你的敏捷项目需要本地无法找到的专家。你可以在全球各地找到所需的资源,但由于各种限制,不能在项目期间对专家进行配置。你认为推进项目的唯一方法是在虚拟环境下建立团队。启动会议将在几周后举行。要让团队参加会议,你的最佳行动方案是什么?
Your agile project needs specialists that are not available locally. You find the needed resources across the globe, but due to various constraints, cannot colocate them for the duration of the project. You decide that the only way to go ahead with the project is by setting up the team in a virtual environment. The kick-off meeting is in a few weeks from now. What is your best course of action to have the team attend the kick-off?

  •  A :让团队成员在会议期间连接到视频会议 Have the team members connect to the video conference during the meeting
  •  B : 可能的话,带团队成员亲自参加启动会议 If possible, bring the team members to attend the kick-off meeting in person
  •  C :将会议录下来并将录像发送给团队成员 Record the kick-off meeting on a video and send the recording to the team
  •  D :什么都不做,因为敏捷团队有权作出自己的决策 Do nothing since agile teams are empowered to make their own decisions

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P9 章节:2.2 敏捷原则第6条: 无论对开发团队还是团 队内部,信息传达最有效的方法都是面对面的交谈。 如果可能的话,还是要当面开启动会,以获取相关方的承诺。

106、 项目经理正在收集正式的项目需求。在进行相关方访谈后,项目经理意识到有些目标与项目章程中的目标不一致。根据在启动阶段获得的信息,必须高度关注该项目,以保持符合预算限制。 若要管理需求并满足相关方的期望,项目经理应该怎么做?
A project manager is gathering formal project requirements. After conducting stakeholder interviews, the project manager realizes that some objective are inconsistent with those in the project charter. Based on information learned during the initiation phase, this project must be highly focused to stay within budget limits. To manage requirements and meet stakeholder expectations, what should the project manager do?

  •  A : 将相关方的期望与项目章程中的目标调整一致 Realign the stakeholder's expectations with the objectives in the project charter.
  •  B :扩展项目章程以包含新识别到的目标 Expand the project charter to include the newly identified objectives.
  •  C :删除项目章程中与相关方目标不一致的目标 Remove objectives in the project charter that are not aligned with the stakeholders’objectives
  •  D :忽视可能超出项目章程中详述的范围的相关方目标 Disregard stakeholders’objectives that may be outside the scope detailed in the project charter.

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P81 章节: 项目章程: 项目章程是由项目启动者或发起人发布的,正式批准项目成立,并授权项目经理使用组织资源开展项目活动的文件。它记录了关于项目和项目预期交付的产品、服务或成果的高层级信息目标要保持一致, 这样才能最大可能的让项目成功。

113、 在你的项目中,镀金一直是反复出现的问题,因为团队一直在添加他们认为对客户有用的功能,尽管这些功能并没有包含在WBS中。变更请求是在事后提交的,并且一些功能最终被添加到项目范围。你担心与计划的偏差。你会怎样做才能更好地控制范围,防止进一步镀金?
Gold plating had been a recurring issue on your project as the team has been adding features they think are useful for the customer even though the features were not included in the WBS. Change requests have been submitted after the fact, and some of the features were eventually added to the project scope. You are concerned about deviations from the plan. What might you do to control scope better and prevent further gold plating?

  •  A :采用敏捷方法,这样团队就可以开发任何他们认为有价值的功能 Adopt an agile approach so the team can develop any features they deem valuable
  •  B :提交变更请求,以获取问题日志中的镀金问题 Submit a change request to capture the gold plating problem in the issue log
  •  C :在项目回顾中讨论问题,并更新经验教训登记册 Discuss the issue at the project retrospective and update the lessons learned register
  •  D : 与团队成员进行日常站会的敏捷实践相协调 Incorporate the agile practice of holding daily standup meetings with the team

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:补充知识点 范围蔓延: 在客户的要求下,没有经过正常的范围变更控制批准程序, 而直接扩大了项目定义范围的工作内容。 镀金:范围蔓延的一种,指在定义范围的工作范围以内,项目团队主动增加的额外工作。 镀金是在任何开发方法中 都不建议的。因此A不对, 即使到敏捷,也是PO决定范围。 D,每日站会让开发团队集中在现有范围内。

114、 一家公司已与一家水电站签订了软件开发合同。项目管理计划指定Scrum作为开发方法。在项目的几次冲刺阶段,监管机构通知执行机构,由于新的环境法,原本不包括在范围基准中的安全功能将需要被内置到软件中。项目经理的最佳行动方案是什么?
A company has been contracted to develop software for a hydroelectric plant. The project management plan specifies Scrum as the development approach. Few sprints into the project, regulators notify the performing organization that due to new environmental laws, safety features originally not included in the scope baseline will need to be built into the software. What is the project manager's best course of action?

  •  A : 发出变更请求以更新项目管理计划,一旦获得批准,确保范围基准得到更新 Issue a change request to update the project management plan and, once approved, ensure that the scope baseline is updated
  •  B :与产品负责人进行根本原因分析,以确定为安全功能最初未包含在范围中的原因 Conduct a root cause analysts with the product owner to determine why the safety features were not included in the scope in the first place
  •  C :使用MoSCoW优先级模型来梳理范围基准,并将新的安全功能分类为"应具有" Use the MoSCoW model of prioritization to groom the scope baseline and categorize the new safety features as "should have"
  •  D :在冲刺计划期间与团队讨论新功能,如果团队同意,请他们在下次冲刺中实现功能 Discuss the new features with the team during sprint planning and if the team agrees, ask them to implement the features in the next sprint

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P113 章节:4.6 变更流程:变更提出后,先分析影响,再提交含解决措施的变更请求给 CCB 存在范围基准,说明使用了混合方法 改变了范围基准, 需要提交变更请求。

115、 在桥梁建设项目中,项目经理正在监督和控制项目构件的各种变化。 下列哪一项最可能需要经过批准的变更请求才能进行变更?(选择四个)
A project manager is in the process of monitoring and controlling various changes to project artifacts for a bridge construction project. Which of the following will most likely require an approved change request before the change can be accommodated? (Choose four)

  •  A : 有人建议将预测式开发方法改为混合开发方法 A suggestion has been made to change from predictive to a hybrid development approach.
  •  B : 项目的运行超出了预算,需要修改成本基线以反映实际情况。 The project is running well over budget, and the cost baseline needs to be revised to reflect reality.
  •  C : 项目发起人想要向配置管理计划添加一个文档。 The project sponsor wants to add a document to the configuration management plan.
  •  D :几项任务的修订状态需要反映在项目进度表中。 The revised status of several tasks needs to be reflected in the project schedule.
  •  E : 一名高级主管建议更新项目生命周期描述,以增加一个阶段。 A senior executive has recommended updating the project life cycle description to include an additional phase.
  •  F :刚刚确定了一个新的利益相关者,需要将其添加到利益相关者登记册中 A new stakeholder has just been identified and needs to be added to the stakeholder register

正确答案:A,B,C,E 你的答案:A,B,C,D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P113 章节:4.6 在基准确定之前, 变更无需正式受控于实施整体变更控制过程。 不涉及基准一般不用审批。 D任务状态不需要审批E相关方登记册一般不给相关方审批

121、 敏捷项目的第一次迭代即将开始。发起人召集团队、Scrum主管、产品负责人和其他项目相关方参加启动会议。发起人强调需要在项目尽可能早的时候以最小的成本识别和应对项目风险。与会者实现发起人要求的最佳方式是什么?
The first iteration of an agile project is about to begin. The sponsor gathers the team, the scrum master, the product owner, and other project stakeholders for the kick-off meeting. The sponsor emphasizes the need to identify and respond to the project risks as early in the project as possible and at the minimal cost. What is the best way for the meeting participants to implement the sponsor's request?

  •  A : 团队和相关方应该经常审查产品增量 The team and stakeholders should frequently review product increments.
  •  B :项目相关方应该在每次冲刺中执行基于风险的刺探 The project stakeholders should conduct risk-based spikes in each sprint.
  •  C :产品负责人和发起人应该对高风险的用户故事进行优先级排序 The product owner and the sponsor should prioritize high-risk user stories.
  •  D :团队应该与Scrum主管一起实现结对编程 The team should implement pair programming with the scrum master.

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P56 章节:5.2.7 持续集成: 在不同层面测试、验收测试驱动开发 (ATDD) 、测试驱动开发和行为驱动开发、 刺探 。 B刺探应由团队做 C,PO与团队和相关 方共同确认优先级。 D,结对编程应由团 队来做。

123、 在项目执行期间,一名外部相关方反对一项重大范围变更。除非重新评估相关方的决定,否则项目进展将受到影响。项目经理下一步该怎么做?
During the project implementation, an external stakeholder is opposed to a major scope change.Unless the stakeholder's decision is reassessed, the project progress will be impacted.What should the project manager do next?

  •  A : 审查相关方管理计划评估影响 To review the stakeholder's effort for the plan to assess the impact
  •  B :请求项目发起人解决相关方的问题 To request the project sponsor to solve the problem encountered by the stakeholder
  •  C :修订预算,反映可选方案的成本 To revise the budget to reflect the cost of the alternative
  •  D :调查相关方反对背后的理由 To investigate the reason behind the opposition

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P522 章节: 相关方参与计划 :是项目管理计划的组成部分。 它确定用于促进相关方有效参与决策和执行的策略和行动。 相关方参与计划可包括(但不限于)调动个人或相关方参与 的特定策略或方法。 遇抵制,找相关方参与计划。

125、 项目经理为一个具有按时完成盈利项目历史记录的组织工作。然而,由于缺乏相关方的支持以及他们未能提供信息,这些项目都经历过问题。若要避免这些问题,项目经理在新项目开始时应该做些什么?
A project manager works for an organization with a history of completing projects on time.However,these projects have all experienced issues due to alack of stakeholder's support and their failure to provide information.What should the project manager do at the beginning of a new project to avoid these issues?

  •  A :管理所有相关方的期望,并为每个人提供解决方案 Manage all stakeholder's expectation,and provide a solution for each one
  •  B :准备一份包含所有相关方的沟通管理计划 Prepare a communications management plan that includes all stakeholders
  •  C : 在启动阶段识别关键相关方并进行优先级排序 Identify and prioritize the key stakeholders during the initiating stage
  •  D :复制之前项目的工作,因为这些项目结束时都很好 Duplicate efforts from previous projects since they ended well

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P504 章节:13 相关方的观点:项目经理和团队正确识别并合理引导所有相关方参与的能力,能决定着项目的成败 要尽早地识别关键的相关方,因此识别相关方在启动阶段开始

126、 在编写第三份进度报告时,项目经理注意到团队成员未能记录他们的任务绩效,若要评估这些任务的进度并最终完成报告,项目经理应该做些什么?
When writing the third progress report, the project manager noticed that team members failed to record their task performance, what should the project manager do to evaluate the progress of these tasks and finally complete the report?

  •  A :使用趋势分析来预测进度 Use trend analysis to predict progress
  •  B : 让团队成员提交他们的进度 Have team members submit their progress
  •  C :更新问题日志以报告未提交的进度情况 Update the issue log to report uncommitted progress
  •  D :使用剩余活动计算平均进度 Calculate average progress using remaining activity

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P225 章节: 工作绩效数据 :工作绩效数据包含关于项目状态的数据,例如哪些活动已经开始,它们的进展如何(如实际 持续时间、剩余持续时 间和实际完成百分比), 哪些活动已经完成。 工作绩效数据需要团队成员提交。

130、 你负责的一个大型项目是在你的城市安装5G互联网中心。尽管大多数项目变量都是清晰的,并且可以使用瀑布方法进行管理,但是技术方面并没有完全定义,并且将随着项目的进展进行详细阐述。发起人要求更频繁和更快地交流项目信息。为了满足发起人的要求,你不会使用以下哪个方法?
You are in charge of a large project to install 5G internet hubs across your city. Although most of the project variables are clear and can be managed using the waterfall approach, technical aspects are not fully defined and will be elaborated as the project progresses. The sponsor requests that project information will be communicated more frequently and quickly. To address the sponsor's request, you will use all of the following, except:

  •  A :保持频繁的团队检查点 Holding frequent team checkpoints
  •  B :进行有规律的相关方审查 Conducting regular stakeholder reviews
  •  C :实现信息发射源 Implementing information radiators
  •  D : 每周传达项目状态 Communicating project status weekly

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P152 章节:术语表 信息发射源: 它是一种可见的实物展示其向组织内其他成员提供信息在不干扰团队的情况下即时实现知识共享。 信息发射源一般包括看板、燃尽图、燃起图、障碍日志等 四个选项中,只有D不够敏捷。

131、 你是一家大型组织的主管,考虑从预测性项目管理方法逐步过渡到敏捷项目管理方法。你聘请了一家外部咨询公司来评估当前的做法,并提出最好的过渡方式。在观察你的组织几个月后,顾问提出了几个选择。你最不可能选择哪个选项?
You are an executive in a large organization that considers a gradual transition from a predictive to the agile project management approach. You hire an external consulting company to evaluate the current practices and propose the best way for the transition. After observing your organization for several months, the consultant lays out several options. Which option would you least likely to select?

  •  A :以两到四周的迭代周期开发产品 Developing the product in two- to four-week iterations
  •  B :将每日站会纳入团队的日常工作 Incorporating daily standup meetings into the team's routine
  •  C : 使用每周会议跟踪项目进展 Tracking the project progress using weekly meetings
  •  D :在每次迭代的末尾进行团队回顾 Holding team retrospectives at the end of each iteration

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P50 章节:5.2.1 迭代计划会: 每日站会 、迭代迭代评审会 、迭代回顾会 。 C不敏捷

133、 项目经理希望在新项目中使用一名特定供应商。该供应商目前正在为项目经理管理的另一个项目工作。项目经理希望在开始为新项目工作之前,先完成当前项目。在供应商开始为新项目工作之前,项目经理应该做什么?
The project manager wants to use a specific vendor in the new project. The vendor is currently working on another project managed by the project manager. The project manager wants to complete the current project before starting work on the new project. What should the project manager do before the vendor starts working on the new project?

  •  A :与供应商一起评审合同协议。 Review contract agreements with suppliers
  •  B :更新采购文档。 Update purchase document
  •  C : 执行采购审计。 Perform procurement audits
  •  D :要求供应商完成所有现有工作。 Require suppliers to complete all existing work

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P498 章节: 采购审计: 审计是对采购过程的结构化审查。应该在采购合同中明确规定与审计有关的权利和义务。 买方的项目经理和卖方的项目经理都应该关注审计结果, 以便对项目进行必要调整。 注意题干中提到的问题的逻辑关系

139、 你正在领导一个开发新智能手机的项目。因为你要预测需求的许多变更,并不断从相关方那里得到反馈来调整智能手机,所以工作将以小的增量迭代完成。然而,这款智能手机的摄像头将由一家拒绝以渐进方式合作的供应商开发。你为该项目选择什么项目管理方法是最好的?
You are leading a project to develop a new smartphone. Since you are anticipating many changes in requirements and continuous feedback from stakeholders to adjust the smartphone accordingly, the work will be done iteratively in small increments. However, the camera for the smartphone will be developed by a vendor who refuses to collaborate in an incremental way. What project management approach is best for you to select for this project?

  •  A : 以敏捷方法为主,带有一些预测组件 Predominantly agile with some predictive components
  •  B :以预测方法为主,带有一些敏捷组件 Predominantly predictive with some agile components
  •  C :在计划过程中具有预测性,在执行过程中具有敏捷性 Predictive during planning and agile during execution
  •  D :在计划和执行期间的敏捷项目管理方法 Agile during planning and predictive during execution

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P26 章节:3.1.6 混合生命周期的特征:对于整个项目,没有必要使用单一的方法。为达到特定的目标,项目经常要结合不同的生命周期要素。预测、迭代、增量和/或敏捷方法的组合就是一种混合方法。 从题干描述来看,手机开发方法主要为敏捷,摄像头为 预测。

140、 每次你与你的项目发起人会面,她都要强调对于你的新的电子商务项目的成本控制的必要性。她经常询问你成本业绩方面的问题,诸如哪一个预算达到了哪一个没有达到。为了回答她的问题,你应该提供什么?
Each time you meet with your project sponsor, she emphasizes the need for cost control on your new-business project. She always asks you about cost performance in terms of which budgets have been met and which have been met and which have not. What should you provide to answer her question?

  •  A : 绩效测量基准 Cost Performance baseline
  •  B :业绩衡量图表 Performance measurement graphs and charts
  •  C :资源生产力分析 Resource productivity analyses
  •  D :趋势分析统计 Trend analysis statistics

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P224 章节: 绩效测量基准: 使用挣值分析时,将绩效测量基准与实际结果比较,以决定是否有必要进行变更、采取纠正措施或预防措施。 向发起人提供绩效测量基准,将绩效比较结果告之。

141、 由于没有空,具有批准权限的相关方拒绝了参与项目开工会议的邀请。该项目时间紧迫,及时开工对于满足截止日期至关重要。项目经理应该做什么?
Due to the lack of time, interested parties with approval authority rejected the invitation to participate in the kick-off meeting. The project is urgent, and timely start-up is essential to meet the deadline. What should the project manager do?

  •  A : 升级上报给项目发起人 The upgrade is reported to the project sponsor
  •  B :在没有他们参加的情况下举行项目开工会议 Hold project kick-off meeting without their participation
  •  C :将会议重新安排在他们能够参与的时间 Reschedule the meeting at a time when they can participate
  •  D :询问与会者以确定开工会议是否有必要 Ask participants to determine if a kick-off meeting is necessary

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P86 章节: Kick-off 会议:项目开工会议通常意味着规 划阶段结束和执行阶段开始, 旨在传达项目目标、获得团队对项目的承诺,以及阐明每个相关方的角色和职责。 规划已经结束, 就等着审批后执行了,此时应尽快解决。

144、 一位项目团队成员在工作场所之外与项目发起人会面后,向项目经理告知该发起人的新期望。项目经理应如何解决这个问题?
After meeting with the project sponsor outside the workplace,a project team member update the project manager on the sponsor's new expectations.How should the project manager address this?

  •  A :与团队和发起人一起审查沟通管理计划 Review the communications management plan with the team and the sponsor
  •  B : 与发起人开会,以确认期望 Meet with the sponsor to confirm expectations
  •  C :将发起人的期望纳入项目中 Incorporate the sponsor's expectations into the project
  •  D :指示团队成员不要与发起人讨论该项目 Instruct the team member not to discuss the project with the sponsor

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P524 章节:13.2 在管理相关方参与过程中,需要开展多项活动,例如: • 在适当的项目阶段引导相关方参与,以便获取、确认或维持他们对项目成功的持续承诺; • 通过谈判沟通管理相关方期望; • 处理与相关方管理有关的任何风险或潜在关注点,预测相关方可能在未来引发的问题; • 澄清和解决已识别的问题 通过谈判与沟通了解相关方的期望。

145、 你将与你的团队会面来确定项目的生命周期。在分析了定义和管理需求、开发可交付成果、处理变更、控制风险和成本,以及与关键相关方合作的最佳方式之后,做出了选择混合生命周期的决定。在选定项目生命周期后,关键相关方多久参与一次?
You meet with your team to determine the life cycle for your project. After analyzing the best way to define and manage requirements, develop deliverables, handle changes, control risk and cost, and engage key stakeholders, the decision is made to select a hybrid life cycle. With the project life cycle selected, how often will the key stakeholders be involved?

  •  A :持续参与 Continuously
  •  B :在特定里程碑参与 At specific milestones
  •  C : 定期参与 Regularly
  •  D :完全不参与 Not involved at all

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P26 章 节:3.1.6 混合生命周期的特征: 对于整个项目,没有必要使用单一的方法。为达到特定的目标,项目经常要结合不同的生命周期要素。预测、 迭代、增量和/或敏捷方法的组合就是一种混合方法。 A是敏捷, B是预测。 而混合型建议定期参与。

146、 你正在领导并执行项目管理计划中所概述的工作。作为这个过程的一部分,你已经通过服务型领导成功地鼓舞和激励了scrum团队,以快速的速度生成项目可交付成果。因此,项目趋向于满足并超过绩效测量基准。 作为这个过程的一部分,你可能需要执行哪些活动?(选择两个)
You are in the process of leading and performing the work as outlined in the project management plan. As part of this process, you have successfully inspired and motivated your scrum team through servant leadership to produce project deliverables at a rapid pace. As a result, the project is trending to meet and exceed the performance measurement baseline. What activities might you need to perform as part of this process? (Choose two)

  •  A :为项目章程寻求批准 Seek approval for the project charter
  •  B : 实施已批准的变更请求 Implement approved change requests
  •  C :确定项目相关方的全面列表 Identify a comprehensive list of project stakeholders
  •  D : 协助日常的站立会议 Facilitate the daily standup meetings
  •  E :制定风险应对策略以应对已识别的风险 Develop risk response strategies to address identified risks

正确答案:B,D 你的答案:D,E

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th   页码:P90 章节:4.3 指导与管理项目工作是为实现项目目标而领导和执行项目管理计划中所确定的工作,并实施已批准变更的过程 从题干描述来看,属于执行过程组,因此选B和D

147、 客户希望增加股东权益的总和,提高其在全球市场的品牌知名度。客户的主要目标是什么?
Customer wants to increase the total shareholders' equity and increase their brand awareness in the global market. What is the main objective of the customer?

  •  A :为组织战略改善整体业务支持 To improve the overall business support for organizational strategy
  •  B :增加营销预算 To increase the marketing budget
  •  C : 提高商业价值 To increase the business value
  •  D :通过重新投资其他业务组合提高市场份额 To increase the market share by reinvesting in other business portfolios

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P7 章节:1.2.1 有形效益的例子包括: • 货币资产; • 股东权益; • 公共事业; • 固定设施; • 工具; • 市场份额。 股东权益属于有形效益。

149、 一个沉浸在预测性项目管理方法中的组织决定采用混合方法作为敏捷项目管理的过渡策略。已经特许了一个试点Scrum项目,并分配了Scrum角色和职责。项目经理希望确保向客户提供最优的价值。项目经理接下来应该做什么?
An organization that is steeped in a predictive project management approach has decided to adopt hybrid methods as a transition strategy to agile project management. A pilot scrum project has been chartered and scrum roles and responsibilities assigned. The project manager wants to ensure the optimal delivery of value to the customer. What should the project manager do next?

  •  A :分配故事点以确定产品待办事项列表的优先级 Assign story points to prioritize the product backlog
  •  B :要求该团队采用MoSCoW方法 Request that the team use the MoSCoW method
  •  C : 为产品负责人安排Scrum培训 Schedule scrum training for the product owner
  •  D :将WBS分解为Scrum用户故事 Decompose the WBS into scrum user stories

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:41 章节:4.3.2 产品负责人 Product Owner :创建待办列表并排序、 确认工作优先顺序 、提供反馈、 指导开发方向 。 ABD都是产品负责人做的事,因此, 要先确认产品负责 人有能力做这些事。

151、 为了生产可交付的产品,你的项目必须与几个供应商签订合同。可交付成果将使用一个敏捷框架进行开发,该框架采用约束驱动的交付方式,这将影响与供应商的合同关系。 以下哪一种策略最适合这个项目?(选择三个)
To produce deliverables, your project has to contract with several vendors. The deliverables will be developed using an agile framework with constraint-driven delivery, which will influence the contractual relationship with the vendors. Which of the following strategies would be the most appropriate for this project? (Choose three)?

  •  A :根据详细的工作分解结构制定采购工作说明书 Develop the procurement statement of work based on the detailed WBS
  •  B : 追求与供应商共享风险和回报的关系。 Pursue a shared-risk-reward relationship with the vendors
  •  C : 与供应商签订合同时,采用固定价格增量。 Adopt fixed-price increments when contracting with the vendors
  •  D :对每个供应商使用一个标准的固定价格合同。 Utilize a standard firm-fixed-price contract for each of the vendors
  •  E : 在供应商合同中包含提前取消的选项。 Include an early cancellation option in the vendor contracts

正确答案:B,C,E 你的答案:B,D,E

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P77-78 章节:6.3 采购和合同: • 多层结构 • 强调价值交付 • 总价增量 • 固定时间和材料 • 累进的时间和材料 • 提前取消方案 • 动态范围方案 • 团队扩充 • 支持全方位供应商 敏捷的采购和合同

153、 一个敏捷团队正在为客户开发定制制造设备。经过三次迭代,一个功能原型已经就绪,但是它缺乏关键的安全功能,以及一些可以在未来版本中现场安装的增强功能。为了尽早得到客户的反馈,产品负责人要求团队尽快交付MVP。项目经理应如何处理产品负责人的要求?
An agile team is developing custom manufacturing equipment for a client. After three iterations, a functional prototype is ready, but it lacks critical safety features as well as several enhancements that can be installed on-site in future releases. To get early feedback from the client, the product owner requests that the team deliver an MVP as soon as possible. What should the project manager do to address the product owner's request?

  •  A :在原型上安装安全功能和增强功能,并交付给客户端 Install safety features and enhancements on the prototype and deliver it to the client
  •  B : 仅安装原型上的安全功能,然后交付给客户端 Install only the safety features on the prototype and deliver it to the client
  •  C :将原型以当前状态交付给客户端,因为它已经正常运行 Deliver the prototype to the client in its current condition as it is already functional
  •  D :仅安装原型上的增强功能并交付给客户端 Install only the enhancements on the prototype and deliver it to the client

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P23 章节:3.1.3 MVP 最小可行产品:完整性和交付是主观的。团队可能需要获得关于原型的反馈, 然后可能选择将最小可行性产 品 (MVP) 交付给部分客户。客户的反馈将帮助团队了解他们 需要为随后交付的最终功能的完善提供些什么。 缺安全功能, 就给安全功能

154、 项目办公室刚刚发布给你一份项目状况检查报告。当你看到在执行总结中标题为“建议”的章节时,你的心情激动起来:你又一次被批评没有为项目提供足够的支持细节。尽管报告没有举例,但是你记得在PMBOK中看到过支持细节,它包括如下全部,除了
The project office just issued you a project health check report. Your heart races with anticipation as you scan the euphemistically entitled “recommendations” in the executive summary. Once again, you have been criticized for failing to provide sufficient supporting detail about the project. Although the report does not provide examples, you remember reading about supporting detail in the PMBOK It includes all the following except.

  •  A :命令和交付进度 Order and delivery schedules
  •  B :现金流推算 Cash-flow projections
  •  C :最好和最坏情况下的备用进度表 Best-and worst-case alternative schedules
  •  D : 相关方职位报告 Stakeholder position papers

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P112 章节: 工作绩效报告: 工作绩效报告的示例包括状态报告和进展报告。工作绩效报告可以包含挣值图表和信息、趋势线和预测、储备燃尽图、缺陷直方图、合同绩效信息和风险情况概述。可以表现为有助于引起关注、制定决策和采 取行动的仪表指示图、热点报告、信号灯图或其他形式。 工作绩效报告中不包含相关方的职位信息。

155、 随着项目的进展和可交付成果的产生,项目经理重新审查相关方参与计划,以确定可以对计划进行哪些改进,以提高相关方的参与。在这些项目文件中,哪些文件对正在执行的项目管理过程影响最大?(选择三个)
As the project progresses and deliverables are being produced, the project manager revisits the stakeholder engagement plan to determine what refinements can be made to the plan to improve stakeholder engagement.Among the project documents, which will be the most influential to the project management process being performed? (Choose three)

  •  A : 相关方登记册 Stakeholder register
  •  B : 风险登记 Risk register
  •  C :资源管理计划 Resource management plan
  •  D :相关方参与评估矩阵 Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  •  E : 问题日志 Issue log

正确答案:A,B,E 你的答案:A,B,D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P519 章节: 项目文件 :问题日志(E) 风险登记册(B) 相关方登记册(A) ITTO题

156、 在执行一个高技术项目期间,高层管理人员在不通知项目经理的情况下重新分配核心团队。整合新团队成员将增加项目进度延迟的可能性。若要确定适当的响应措施,项目经理应参考哪份文件?
During the execution of a high-tech project, senior management redistributes the core team without notifying the project manager. The integration of new team members will increase the possibility of project delays.To determine the appropriate response, which document should the project manager refer to?

  •  A :经验教训储存库 Lessons learned repository
  •  B :工作分解结构(WBS)字典 Work breakdown structure (WBS) dictionary
  •  C :团队技能矩阵 Team skills matrix
  •  D : 风险登记册 Risk Register

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P455 章节: 风险登记册的主要内容包括: • 已识别单个项目风险 • 风险责任人 • 商定的风险应对策略 • 以及具体的应对措施。 遇风险,先查册

162、 一位敏捷教练被要求为即将到来的敏捷项目团队建立团队。管理层希望利用公司现有的人才,而不要使用外部资源。敏捷教练联系人力资源部门,在公司内部网站上为未来的团队成员发布招聘广告。敏捷教练在广告中提出的以下哪项工作要求是最好的?
An agile coach has been requested to put together a team for the upcoming agile project. The management wants to use the talent available in the company without the need to go outside. The agile coach approaches the human resource department to advertise the position for the prospective team members on the company internal website. Which of the following job requirements is best for the agile coach to indicate in the ad?

  •  A :熟悉动态系统软件开发方法(DSDM) Experienced with the dynamic systems software development methods (DSDM)
  •  B :熟练掌握自动化测试过程和程序 Self-starter and proficient in the automated testing processes and procedures
  •  C : 对不同技能是否有专注的专长和丰富的经验 Has a focused specialty as well as a breadth of experience across multiple skills
  •  D :具有团队合作精神,熟悉所有敏捷软件开发工具 Team player and briefly familiar with all agile software development tools

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P42 章节:4.3.3 通才型专家: 敏捷团队是跨职能的。不过,许多成功的敏捷团队都由通才型专家组成,他们也称为 T 型人才。 这意味着这些团队成员在具备一项擅长的专业化技能的同时,还拥有多种技能的工作经验,而不是单一的专业化 T型、通才型、跨职能型人才是敏捷团队成员的重要特点。

165、 项目经理正在整理用于验收产品可交付成果的文件。验收可交付成果时,项目经理应该做什么?
A project manager is assembling the documents for the acceptance of product deliverables. Upon acceptance of the deliverables, what should the project manager do?

  •  A :收尾项目可交付结果 Close the project deliverables
  •  B :将可交付成果文件存档 Archive the deliverable documents
  •  C :转移可交付成果的所有权 Transfer ownership of the deliverables
  •  D : 获得客户对可交付成果的反馈 Obtain customer feedback on the deliverables

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P166 章节: 验收的可交付成果: 符合验收标准的可交付成果应该由客户或发起人正式签字批准。应该从客户或发起人那里 获得正式文件,证明相关方对项目可交付成果的正式验收。 这些文件将提交给结束项目或阶段过程 对可交付成果满意的话,要正式签字批准。其他选项都 是收尾时候做的。

166、 一个产品开发项目正在进行中。该项目在软件开发中使用敏捷的生命周期,并在一个包罗万象的项目管理计划中运行。尽管经过周密的计划,但在发布了两个软件版本之后,用户指南并没有更新以反映最新的版本,这给最终用户造成了很大的混乱。项目经理应该做什么来确保此问题不再发生?
A product development project is underway. The project uses an agile life cycle in software development and runs in an all-encompassing project management plan. Despite careful planning, after the release of two software versions, the user guide was not updated to reflect the latest version, which caused a lot of confusion to end users. What should the project manager do to ensure that this problem does not occur again?

  •  A :提交变更请求以修改用户指南,使指南与当前软件版本保持一致 Submit a change request to modify the user's guide in a way that the guide will be consistent with the current software release
  •  B :还原到软件的用户指南与发布给用户的软件一致的最后一个版本 Revert back to the last version of the software where the user's guide was consistent with the software released to the users
  •  C : 要求CCB执行配置审查,以确保项目配置项的组成正确 Ask the CCB to perform a configuration audit to ensure that the composition of the project's configuration items is correct
  •  D :提交变更请求以修订变更管理计划,以确保将用户指南标识为配置要素 Submit a change request to revise the change management plan to ensure that the user's guide is identified as a configuration element

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P118 章节: 变更控制工具:为了便于开展配置和变更管理,可以使用一些手动或自动化的工具。配置控制重点关注可交付成果及各个过程的技术规范,而变更控制则着眼于识别、记录、批准或否决对项目文件、可交付成果或基准的变更。 配置管理的一个重要功能就是管理产品版本

168、 当项目发起人找到Scrum主管,要求在当前的冲刺中立即开发一个新的、紧急的、潜在的复杂的强制性法规遵循相关的需求时,Scrum团队正处于冲刺的中途。发起人强调,如果需求没有实现,整个项目可能会被取消。Scrum主管的最佳回应是什么?
A scrum team is midway into a sprint when the project sponsor approaches the scrum master and requests that a new, urgent, and potentially complex mandatory compliance-related requirement should be developed immediately in the current sprint. The sponsor stresses that if the requirement is not implemented, the entire project may be canceled. What is the scrum master’s best response?

  •  A :将要求添加到产品待办事项列表,并请求产品负责人在冲刺结束之后审查需求 Add the requirement to the product backlog and request the product owner to review the requirement after the sprint is over
  •  B : 与产品负责人讨论要求,让他们做出决定,包括冲刺取消 Discuss the requirement with the product owner, and let them make a decision, including sprint cancellation
  •  C :提交变更请求以更新范围基准并将要求添加到需求可追溯性矩阵 Submit a change request to update the scope baseline and add the requirement to the requirement traceability matrix
  •  D :将要求添加到当前冲刺待办事项列表,并指示团队立即开始处理该待办事项列表 Add the requirement to the current sprint backlog and direct the team to start working on it immediately

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:41 章节:4.3.2 产品负责人 Product Owner: 创建待办列表并排序、 确认工作优先顺序、 提供反馈、 指导开发方向。 是否变更,由PO决定。

172、 项目经理制定了一个全面的项目管理计划,包括完全详细的WBS和详细的项目进度计划。尽管做了这些努力,但项目仍然落后于计划,因为变更控制委员会(CCB)无法处理大量变更,即使其中大部分已经被产品负责人批准了。项目经理的最佳行动方案是什么?
A project manager has developed a comprehensive project management plan, including a fully elaborated WBS and detailed project schedule. Despite these efforts, the project is running behind schedule because the change control board (CCB) is unable to cope with the high volume of changes, even though most of them have been approved by the product owner. What is the project manager's best course of action?

  •  A :要求终止现有的项目,并寻求批准来启动一个将使用敏捷方法的新项目 Request the termination of the existing project and seek approval to initiate a new project that will utilize agile methodologies
  •  B :提交变更请求来更新项目进度计划,以反映CCB的长过程时间所造成的延迟 Submit a change request to update the project schedule to reflect the delays caused by the CCB's long process times
  •  C : 寻求批准绕过变更控制过程,让项目团队直接与产品负责人合作 Seek approval to bypass the change control process and have the project team collaborate directly with the product owner
  •  D :告诉产品负责人项目正在使用预测模型,这意味着大多数变更都应该被拒绝 Instruct the product owner that the project is using a predictive model, which means most of the changes should be rejected

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:41 章节:4.3.2 产品负责人 Product Owner: 创建待办列表并排序 、确认工作优先顺序、 提供反馈、 指导开发方向 。 设立了PO,还要经过CCB,那设立PO就没有意义。

176、 为了利用早期的收入,一个项目团队正在逐步地生产可交付成果。该项目趋向于满足所有的基准。然而,项目经理已经确定团队的速度在相同的时间段内,在SPI为0.83的前5次冲刺中,速度每次都是50个故事点。项目经理应该如何回应团队的表现?
A project team is producing deliverables incrementally in order to take advantage of early revenue. The project is trending to meet all of the baselines. However, the project manager has determined that the team's velocity has been 50 points for each of the first five sprints with an SPI of 0.83 over the same time period. How should the project manager respond to the team's performance?

  •  A :提交变更请求以修订项目进度基准 Submit a change request to revise the project schedule baseline
  •  B : 建议团队在冲刺计划中设定更现实的目标 Suggest that the team set more realistic goals during sprint planning
  •  C :打破时间表,让生产力回到正轨 Crash the schedule in order to get productivity back on track
  •  D :为每次冲刺分配60个故事点 Assign the team 60 story points for each sprint going forward

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处:敏捷实践指南 页码:P61 章节:5.4.1 敏捷团队的衡量结果: 项目发起人通常想知道项目什么时候能够完成。一旦团队建立了稳定的速度(每个迭代的故事或故事点的平均数量)或平均周期时间, 团队就能够预测项目将花费多长时间。 每次速度恒定,说明团队能力稳定,建议将进度基准调 节为与速度一致。

179、 一个项目已获得批准,且资源管理计划已到位。项目经理联系职能经理,并要求他们所在地区的主题专家(SME)分配给项目团队。然而,由于年终收尾活动,首席财务官拒绝从其他部门分配主题专家。项目经理应该做什么?
A project has been approved and a resource management plan is in place. The project manager contacts the functional managers and asks the subject matter experts (SME) in their area to be assigned to the project team. However, due to year-end closing activities, the CFO refused to assign subject matter experts from other departments.What should the project manager do?

  •  A : 请求发起人使用他们的影响力来释放该资源 Ask the initiator to use their influence to release the resource
  •  B :为该项目雇用一个新的永久性资源 Hire a new permanent resource for the project
  •  C :推迟该项目直到该资源可用为止 Postpone the project until the resource is available
  •  D :获得一个临时、技能熟练的外部资源 Obtain a temporary, skilled external resource

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:知识点出处: PMBOK 6th 页码:P330 章节:9.3 获取资源的重要性:不能获得项目所需的资源时,可能会影响项目进度、预算、客户满意度、质量和风险;资源 或人员能力不足会降低 项目成功的概率,最坏的情况可能导致项目取消。 不能获取资源,项目可能失败。职能经理不给人,可以 考虑找领导。

180、 项目集经理要求定期更新计划下项目的进展情况。除了一个项目外,所有项目都使用传统方法进行管理。项目集经理指出在整个规划中有太多的范围变更,并希望看到这些变更是如何影响各种项目的总体进度的。对于领导敏捷项目的Scrum主管来说,要满足项目经理的要求,最好的行动方案是什么?
A program manager requests regular updates on the progress of the projects under the program. All but one project in the program are managed using traditional methods. The program manager indicates that there are too many scope changes across the program and wants to see how these changes affect the overall progress of the various projects. What is the best course of action for the scrum master leading the agile project to address the program manager's request?

  •  A :邀请项目集经理参加迭代审查会议 Invite the program manager to attend the iteration review meeting
  •  B :建议项目集经理参加每日站会 Suggest that the program manager participate in the daily standups
  •  C :让项目集经理审查迭代燃尽图 Have the program manager view the iteration burndown chart
  •  D : 定期将发布燃起图发送给项目集经理 Periodically send the release burnup chart to the program manager

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:知识点出处: 敏捷实践指南 页码:P152 章节:术语表 信息发射源: 它是一种可见的实物展示其向组织内其他成员提供信息在不干扰团队的情况下即时实现知识共享。 信息发射源一般包括看板、燃尽图、燃起图、障碍日志等 信息发射源可以实现信息共享。 C:不应该是审查,而是定期发送。

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